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Waste water and discharge

IPROMA has developed a large number of research projects and has provided services concerning waste monitoring, water treatment process controls, sanitation and discharge quota, analysis of pollutants presence or elimination, for public institutions, waste water treatment plants, engineering and consulting companies, industries, particular citizens, etc.

  • Waste control to meet the requirements written in discharge permits or integrated environmental permits.
  • Emission analysis, consultancy and reporting for the E-PRTR.
  • Estimation and optimisation of sanitation and discharge quota.
  • Procedures for discharge permits.
  • Analytical support and control for exploiting waste water treatment plants.
  • Design and implementation of discharge control plans.
  • Accredited discharge inspection in accordance with the UNE-EN-ISO 17020 standard.
  • Analysis of pollutant presence in discharge, sewerage networks and waste water treatment plants.
  • Analysis of priority substances, drugs, medicaments and other emerging pollutants.
  • Analysis of discharge affection in receiving environments (rivers, lakes, reservoirs, sea, etc.)
  • Control of leachate.
  • Analysis and control of reclaimed wastewater in accordance with the Spanish Royal Decree 1620/2007.
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