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Drinking water
Surface and Ground Water
Sea water
Waste water and discharge
Soil and solid waste
Sediment and biota
Air and Occup Hygiene
Aquatic ecology

Surface and Ground Water

IPROMA has collaborated, since the beginning, with most of the institutions responsible for inland water management by designing, monitoring, and inspecting control quality networks for surface and ground water, adapting them in accordance with the Directive 2000/60/EC (Water Framework Directive).

  • Design, exploitation, and redefinition of monitoring networks for inland surface and ground water, including the following:
    • Monitoring networks (operative, reference, intercalibration networks, etc.) in accordance with the requirements established in the Water Framework Directive.
    • Physicochemical and microbiological quality control for rivers, lakes, reservoirs and ground water.
    • Ecological status and ecological potential control, including biological and hydromorphological indicators.
    • Priority hazardous substance control.
    • Specific controls (fish life, fresh water, bathing water, nitrate network, etc.).
    • Piezometer networks in ground water.
    • Sediment and biota control.
  • Design of Exploitation Plans, monitoring reports, performance management, preparation of reports and presentations.
  • Water quality management by Geographic Information System (GIS).
  • Inventory and assessment of pressures and impacts in natural environment.
  • Estimation of biological (Iberian BMWP, Iberian ASPT, METI, IGA, IPS, CEE, IBD, IVAM, IM, AMBI, Biovolume) and hydromorphological (IHF, QBR, etc.) indexes.
  • Analysis of aquatic ecology in rivers, lakes, reservoirs, port areas, receiving environments, etc. 
  • Measurement of river and spring flows.
  • Bathymetric research in lakes and reservoirs.
  • Analysis of mixing and affecting zones in receiving environments.
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