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Soil and solid waste

IPROMA has wide specialisation and experience in controlling soil and solid waste and in environmental monitoring of landfills and landfill management systems, institutions, industries, engineering companies, etc.

  • Control and analysis of polluted soils in accordance with the Spanish Royal Decree 9/2005.
  • Control of ground water for analysis of affection in polluted soil.
  • Support for engineering companies, industries, or companies for controlling polluted soil, remediation works or soil research.
  • Environmental monitoring of solid waste landfills, including control of leachate, waste and surface water, and meteorological and emission data management.
  • Emission control and support with reporting for the emissions registration E-PRTR 
  • Analysis of solid waste for acceptance in landfills.
  • Characterisation of solid waste.
  • Sewage sludge characterisation for agricultural use or disposal in landfills.
  • Preliminary analysis of volatile organic compounds in soil by sensors.
  • Sampling analysis of organic vapours in the air on contact with polluted soil (BTEX, MTBE, ETBE, etc.)
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