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Drinking water
Surface and Ground Water
Sea water
Waste water and discharge
Soil and solid waste
Sediment and biota
Air and Occup Hygiene
Aquatic ecology

Sea water

IPROMA has performed works in designing and exploiting sea water quality networks, environmental monitoring for waste into the sea and other controls for different public institutions, town halls, industries, etc. 

  • Quality control for coastal transitional and internal water in accordance with the Water Framework Directive.
  • Quality control for water and waste in port areas in accordance with the Spanish ROM 5.1 standard.
  • Monitoring of waste into sea environment by submarine pipelines, including water sampling, sediment and biota, monitoring benthos, structural monitoring.
  • Bathing water control in accordance with the Spanish Royal Decree 1341/2007.
  • Performance of horizontal and vertical transects by multi-parameter sondes and GPS.
  • Characterisation of dredged material and sea sediment.
  • Sediment control following the guidelines by Comisión interministerial de estrategias marinas.
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