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IPROMA runs R&D&I projects on a regular basis and actively participates in collaborative R&D&I programmes together with R&D institutions such as technological centres and universities. Establishing and strengthening relationships with key participants is vital to the success of the projects. 

Universitat Politecnica de Valencia (UPV), Universitat Jaume I in Castellon (UJI), Instituto Universitario de Plaguicidas y Aguas (IUPA), el Instituto de Ingeniería del Agua y Medio Ambiente (IIAMA) and Universidad de Oviedo are among the most noticeable R&D centres which IPROMA collaborates with.

Since IPROMA relies on technology and innovation, one of our primary goals is to attend seminars, workshops and national and international conferences on topics of interest to the research and development communities. In addition, IPROMA regularly publishes articles to disseminate its work in technical and scientific journals.

The main indicators of the company in R&D are:

  • Over 10 research projects conducted.
  • Over 40 innovative technology and research projects conducted individually or in CONJUCTION with different private and public institutions.
  • Over 15 technical and scientific publications.
  • Over 20 participations in scientific conferences.
  • R&D&I Management System Certificate under the UNE 166.002 standard.
  • R&D&I Project Certificate under the UNE 166.001 standard.
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