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IPROMA will control the quality of superficial waters bodies for the Guadalquivir River Basin District


The Guadalquivir River Basin District has chosen IPROMA to operate the monitoring network for surface water bodies according to requirements set by the Water Framework Directive (2000/60/CE).
The scope of this work includes the gathering of more than 1.700 samples from rivers, lakes and reservoirs and the analysis of more than 36,000 physico-chemical parameters (different nutrients, metals, priority substances, etc.) on water samples, sediments and biota. Besides this, this project implies an important part of management and cabinet work, including the design of the Operation Plan, databases and tools management, results rapport production; assessments, statistics and support to the technicians of the Public Body.
In order to accomplish this contract, IPROMA owns a Lab in Seville accredited under UNE-EN-ISO 17025 to performance the analysis and UNE-EN-ISO 17020 to water inspection, equipped with specialized staff in gathering, testing and consulting.  In addition IPROMA counts on the support of 5 additional accredited Labs and more than 160 technicians. 
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