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Environmental Policy Statement

IPROMA management is committed to safeguarding the environment, to setting targets to continuously improve our performance in order to manage human activities with a view to preventing and reducing the adverse effects on the environment and on natural resources. Our primary aim is to minimise waste by supervising operations in IPROMA facilities and ensuring they are as efficient as possible. In addition, IPROMA will run the necessary training programmes to raise employees’ awareness of environmental issues and enlist their support in improving the company performance.

IPROMA management agrees to conform to UNE-EN-ISO 14001:2004 regulations which outline the fundamental requirements for an environmental management system; whose main objectives are reviewed annually in the Quality, Environment and Prevention Management System Review Meeting.

IPROMA agrees to perform its activities in accordance with applicable environmental legislation, regulations and standards.

2 November, 2010. Castellon de la Plana

IPROMA Managing Director
Amilcar Arnau Ripollés



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