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Drinking water
Surface and Ground Water
Sea water
Waste water and discharge
Soil and solid waste
Sediment and biota
Air and Occup Hygiene
Aquatic ecology

Drinking water

IPROMA has wide experience in monitoring drinking water supply, bottled water, and offers its services to town halls, waste water management companies, industries, laboratories, and private citizens.

  • Quality control of drinking water supply in accordance with Spanish Royal Decree 140/2003.
  • Research and monitoring of surface and ground water bodies used for drinking water.
  • Performance management for Sistema de Información Nacional de Aguas de Consumo (SINAC).
  • Regulatory control procedures for the detection of Legionella in water, cooling water systems and in facilities at risk, etc., in accordance with the Spanish Royal Decree 865/2003.
  • Protocol designing for supply control.
  • Water quality assessment in the food industry.
  • Water treatment plants control (water softening, osmosis)
  • Bottled water control in accordance with the Spanish Royal Decree 1798/2010.
  • Consultancy in water chlorination.
  • Training courses in food-handling for technicians and staff working in drinking water supply industry, bottled beverage industry, etc.
  • HACCP implementation and monitoring in bottled beverage industry.
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